Jean Cho, M.B.A. | Faculty

International American University

M.A. in Educational Leadership; Azusa Pacific University; Azusa, CA
M.A. in Organizational Leadership; Azusa Pacific University; Azusa, CA
M.B.A.; Stanton University; Garden Grove, CA
B.A. in Industrial Design; Sookmyung Women’s University; Seoul, South Korea

With twenty years of experience in art instruction and administrative leadership, Professor Jean Cho is a Ph.D. candidate of Organizational Leadership at Regent University, Virginia. She earned Master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership and Educational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and her B.A. degree was earned in South Korea at Sookmyung Woman’s University.

“I am grateful to have a chance to express my goal, mission and vision to International American University,” says Professor Cho. Academia has always had an impact on shaping her character, as it was during her studies at Azusa Pacific University (APU), Master of Art, and Organizational Leadership in 2008 when she discovered her self-identity, gifts from God, and the Leadership. The Leadership program taught her that she is uniquely created by the Lord for a unique mission, which is the combination of art, leadership and education. The Lord endows Professor Jean Cho with great passion for teaching leadership with the power of art.

Through teaching art and leadership at a church, at a school, and in the community after graduating in the APU leadership program, she learned the great value and dignity of students’ lives as well as her calling from God. Professor Cho states that the most rewarding aspect of teaching students is to see radical transformation in their lives:

  • Positive attitudes and optimism of life are created.
  • Students learn to discover their life mission and meaning of life. They come to believe in Creator, God the Father as the greatest Leader.
  • Her teachings have strengthened relationships between her students and their families, established the love of their nation, and empowered them to yearn for global leadership.

Professor Cho believes organizational Leadership can be a vehicle of communication of the glorious gospel. Education provides students with great opportunity for success and life fulfillment. It changes life. She is deeply convinced that educating and equipping leaders is the best way to transform the lives of people. When she teaches students, she comes with a great desire to help students to find out their God-given gifts and self-esteem so that they would have clear-cut goals, vision, and a mission to fulfill their calling by the Lord.