GAYER, Richard H.,Ph.D. | Faculty

Southern Utah University

Dr. Richard Gayer has been teaching at various universities for over 15 years, including Park University, George Mason University, Webster University, and UCLA. His degrees include MPA, MBA (Financial Management), and a Ph.D. in Organization and Management. He has a certificate from la Universidad de Salamanca in Spain in international business and culture. Over the years, He has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in accounting, finance, managerial accounting, international business, and strategy. He also has taught classes in Japan and Puerto Rico. I have also served on several doctoral committees involving student dissertations.

Dr. Richard Gayer has had senior executive experience in the government and private business sectors. Dr. Richard Gayer had positions with the US Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, an international security company, and a major aerospace company, and was a managing director for a trading company involved in Latin America and the Pacific Rim. He has also been involved in consulting in the international and domestic strategic management areas with a major consulting firm. His academic interests are business strategy, international business strategy, cross-culture management, and international finance, and is currently writing a book on public safety management and strategy, and an article on international corruption.