Vahick Yedgarian, Ph.D. | Faculty

International American University

Ph.D. in Global Business, Leadership and Sustainability; Northcentral University; San Diego, CA
MFE; Ohio University, Athens, OH
J.D.; Janus University; Newport, CA
M.S. in Psychology; University of Phoenix; Pasadena, CA
M.B.A.; University of Phoenix; Pasadena, CA
B.B.A.; University of Phoenix; Pasadena, CA

I am an investment strategist and lecturer with 20+ years of diverse global experience: Europe, Middle-East, and U.S. I manage portfolios in separate accounts for my clients with a focus on U.S. and international exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and U.S. stocks. In addition, I teach corporate finance, personal finance, financial theory, investments, economics, and organizational leadership and management.

Specialties: Turnaround expert and leadership development to support strategy and revenue growth. Inspire people and organizations to achieve extraordinary results. Dynamic higher education executive and lecturer with excellent writing and speaking skills. Experienced investment strategist, and portfolio manager.