Career Service Center

Career Service of University Road (UR) assists students in choosing the appropriate professional route for them based on their academic background.
UR is engaging students and university faculties from diverse backgrounds for several years. For the most crucial choices in their professional lives, students can have faith in UR's professionals and senior professors.

Career Service Center of University Road covers the following areas for giving students the best service possible:

1. Advice on Majors: Our Career counselors work with students in identifying majors best suited for their future. They have access to useful information on where people with particular majors ended up in the workplace, and they are aware that not all majors lead in obvious ways to clearly defined careers. 

2. Career Advising: Students may know what school subjects interest them, but they may not know the wealth of majors that exist or how those align with careers. UR engages students for showing the multitude of paths they can take, paths that lead straight from college to a job and that don't necessarily require grad school.

3. Aptitude Evaluation: UR believes that this testing identifies students' interests and expertise, which is a priceless thing as a freshman should definitely need to know it to use it.

4. Workshops: Our Campus career center hosts workshops or bring in professional speakers to deal with specific, career-related topics, such as dressing for success in the workplace or how to use social media to advance your career. These workshops usually take place on a regular basis and may be either hands-on or in lecture format.

5. Mock tests: UR arranges mock interviews for interested students to help them to evaluate themselves better.

6. Unbiased guidance: Many students find it beneficial to just receive objective advice. UR believes that j Just hearing from someone who doesn't have a horse in the race may be very significant in helping students find their own talents and encourage them to pursue their hobbies. We know parents want certain things to happen, and even instructors may have a stake in what happens.